Our Wagyu

So most people’s first question to us is "What is wagyu?”
Wagyu cattle are one of four cattle breeds that originated in Japan. The wagyu breed of cattle is famous for its incredible taste and is considered by some a must try for culinary enthusiasts.
While, at first look, wagyu may look fatty it definitely is not. The marbling in wagyu is of a type that
melts in your mouth and helps produce a sensuously delicious dining experience.

At Grazing Meadows Wagyu all of our cattle are raised without the use of growth hormones and are pastured on sustainable rotational grazing controlled land. All of our animals are feed on natural grass for as long as possible thru out the year. The reasons for this are twofold, it is beneficial to developing the best taste in wagyu beef, as well as helping to lessen our impact on the environment by reducing the addition of possible pesticides that might be used in growing of feed crops as well as the transportation of these feed crops.

We truly believe that once you have tried our wagyu you will become a lifelong wagyu beef devotee.

For more information on our operation and wagyu cattle visit www.grazingmeadowswagyu.com.

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