• While no breed of cattle is “easy” to raise, let’s face it you just can’t put them in a field and come back in 12 months and collect your money, Wagyu cattle have some characteristics that are of a benefit to you as a producer.

On the plus side Wagyu generally calf easier than other breeds and Wagyu heifers typically reach puberty at 12.5 months compared to an Angus heifer at 14 months. Bulls have a very healthy libido and can reliably service 50% more females than other breeds. Wagyu are also quite adaptable to different environments.

Some things to consider you should consider if you are thinking about producing Wagyu should include, the cost of fullblood breeding stock will be more than breeding stock of other breeds.

Wagyu require 24 months on average to reach harvest. For the best quality Wagyu, more attention to their diet is required than other beef breeds.